NJ On Delaware ACORN

I should have seen this one coming. Looks like the News Journal is going to carry water for ACORN in Delaware.

Two officers of the ACORN affiliate in Wilmington say allegations of voter registration fraud against the organization reflect an effort to suppress voting among the mostly black voters at the core of the activist group’s constituency.


“The reality that we within ACORN happen to know is this is not about vote fraud,” said Hugh Alleyne of Wilmington, a Delaware Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now board member.

Liar, liar!

“This is a diversion, a trick of the Republican Right to divert attention from their efforts to subvert and suppress the vote,” he said. “They’re trying to discourage poor people, a lot of them black people, from going to the polls. It has nothing to do with voter fraud.”

Liar, liar, liar!

People shouldn’t be voting more than once. People shouldn’t be rising from the dead to vote. People shouldn’t be registering to vote dozens of times. People that don’t belong in this country shouldn’t be voting. If you are age 18 or older and a legal US citizen you should vote. If that’s suppression of the vote, then at least those of us on the right are on the moral side and legal side of things. Thank God that voters in this state have to present some form of ID at the polls. I would bet you that some sleazy lawyer is trying to find a way to get rid of that law too.

Here is what you do. Register folks to vote. If they don’t have an ID then take them to the DMV and help them get an ID. That would help them in many ways other than voting. It makes it easier to cash checks. It makes it easy to buy alcohol and cigarettes. If you need to rent a steam cleaner from the store, an ID makes that task easy. That’s the first things that come to mind, probably because one involves money, and due to my previous work in retail, I know you need ID for stuff like that.

When ACORN is being taken to task in so many states for fraud, it says that you as an organization have problems. To blame some particular group of people for your problems in voter registration is a cop out.

Delaware ACORN President Angela Walker of Wilmington agreed: “We anticipated some form of, I’m not going to say attack, but just an effort trying to demonize the organization by certain people in the opposite party.

No surprise that ACORN is a partisan Democrat organization.

“We have done good over the past 30 years, working hard and assisting low- to moderate-income people improve their quality of life and to bring justice where justice is needed,” she said.

“To bring justice where justice is needed” is to conduct your organization according to the law. A fair and honest election is justice. Dumping loads of bogus voter registrations on elections departments is not justice. It is unjust and unfair to everyone playing by the rules.

The article quoted above is here.

UPDATE: I stole this link from Hube: The Complete Guide To ACORN Voter Fraud