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I will be posting some things about the Tax Day Tea Parties in here as I pull what I have together. Feel free to share your thoughts and impressions in the comments section below.


I ran into my friend Brian from The Mourning Constitution at the Laurel Party. He actually liveblogged the Georgetown Party and secured some photos too. He liveblogged the Laurel Party and got pictures too. He did pretty good clicking around on his phone. My hands were too cold and too wet to type anything.


Some of the text from Shaun Fink’s speech at the Laurel Party:

…our greatest strength as a nation has always been the product of our willingness to band together and face our enemy as one.  One nation, under God.

My friends, it is becoming quite clear that we are now living in one of those crucial moments in history. Only this time, our fight is not with an invading army. This time, our struggles are not against a visible foe. This time, our greatest challenge to freedom comes from the enemy within.

As a nation, we have begun down a course that will inexorably lead us back into the bonds of slavery. Only this time, our bondage will know no color; it will know no race nor gender nor culture. Our bondage will affect all alike, young and old, wealthy and poor, healthy and sick. Because, this time it is our own government that has fallen victim.

The heavy boot of Socialism has begun its march across the vast plains and wilderness of this great nation. Freedom is singing her swan song and a new age conformity is now taking the stage.

As a nation, we have agreed to exchange the gift of our liberty for the lie of a utopian society, all in the name of “fairness.” And, with history as our guide, we can only conclude that the result of such a bargain will be the loss of our freedom.

And some additional text:

…to those in Washington listening today, we speak loud and clear when we say “No more taxes, no more spending, no more wasting the hard earned money of the good men and women of this great nation.”

We also want them to know that we are sick and tired of their habitual reordering of the Constitution. This document is not living and breathing, rather it is tried and true. The Constitution has served, from the beginning, as the fundamental building block of the greatest nation history has ever known. To ignore its precepts now is to declare that this generation knows better than every generation that has preceded us. And judging by the quality of the character now presiding in the nation’s capital, I think we all know that isn’t true.


A contributer to this site, Michael at Monoblogue posted some pictures and comments from the Salisbury, MD Tea Party.


Some pictures from the Laurel Party: