Delaware’s State Primary 2008

Tuesday September 9th is the day for Delaware’s state primary. My friend Michael has contributed his thoughts from behind the Iron Curtain (Maryland) regarding the major races in Delaware. His comments on the governor’s race and the US House race are worthy of reading as they contain a closer examination of the race. I would like to offer some of my thoughts and opinions through a Delaware conservative lens.

With regard to the US House race for the Democrats, there’s not a lot to say. It would seem from my casual look around the liberal blogs, there’s really not any significant excitement regarding any candidate. Agreeing with Michael’s assessment, Jerry Northington appears to be the most left-leaning of the three. I would give Karen Hatley-Nagle points for her interview on WGMD, even taking questions from callers. Some Democrats feel that WGMD is “hostile territory.” My take on it is this: if you believe in your ideas and issues, then talking about them anywhere shouldn’t be a problem. If a Republican took that attitude, they would be ridiculed for steering clear of the “tough questions” found in “hostile territory.” Micheal Miller has ran for this office twice before. I am not exactly sure what drives him to try again, but he’s back. As Michael observed in his post the candidate doesn’t have a lot on his site. I saw Miller at the Laurel July 4th parade. Miller made an attempt to reach out to our group of US Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell supporters, saying he stood with us on social issues including being pro-life. For the little information on his web site, I didn’t see anything about social issues. I contacted his campaign requesting more information on the candidate’s stands on social issues but I received no response. If he survives the primary I may ask him again. While I wouldn’t endorse a candidate in this race, I would steer clear of Jerry Northington and flip a coin on Hartley-Nagle and Miller.

The Delaware Governor’s race gives a primary on both sides. The Democrats have two strong candidates in John Carney and Jack Markell. I am probably over-simplifying the race, but here it goes. In Carney, you’ve got Ruth Ann #2, and you’ve got a candidate endorsed by the Delaware Democrat Party. I don’t see a lot of change coming from him. Markell has all the qualities of Delaware’s version of Barack Obama, and enjoys the support of many in the state that supported Obama. It would appear in their minds the almost messianic qualities ascribed to Obama could be placed on Markell. What this conservative sees in Markell is change, the kind that’s left in your pocket. If he enacts all that he promises, our economy will tank like it’s wearing cement shoes. The advantages to having either candidate lose is the difficulty bringing the party together afterward. I think there’s enough militant support on both sides they’d either not push any button for governor or they’d push the button for Mike Protack, the Independent Party of Delaware candidate, who may stand closer to their views anyway. A financial advantage to a Markell win would be that the DE Dems have spent money on Carney, so there won’t be as much cash available to prop up Markell, if there’s even a willingness to do so.

For the Republican Governor’s primary, three time candidate Bill Lee faces off Mike Protack, the Independent Party of Delaware’s endorsed candidate. Despite Protack’s presence on the ballot in November anyway, he insists on forcing a primary challenge with Lee. Protack hasn’t made a load of fans in the Delaware GOP, generally perceived to be more of a troublemaker than a serious candidate. I had heard that he was advised to run for a local seat, such as a state house or senate seat, to help build his credentials as a leader and candidate but he refused (if this statement isn’t true I will gladly remove it). Regardless of the primary outcome, Protack will be on the ballot in Novermber for all of Delaware to cast a ballot in support of him. They can be the ultimate judge. Bill Lee is closer to reflecting my views on issues, so I will throw my support to him and encourage my fellow Republicans to go to the polls and support Bill Lee on Tuesday.