Random Thoughts #6

Looking back over my archived emails from this past election, it is very clear that Markell’s campaign made very good use of email during the primary and general election. On the GOP, I got a good amount of email from Copeland’s campaign, as well as Clatworthy’s campaign. O’Donnell’s campaign was OK with email. In my opinion, overall, The Dark Side… err, I mean the Democrats made good use of technology. Note to GOP: get on the stick and at least send out regular emails. How about a Twitter account? How about taking advantage of those bloggers that might actually help your campaigns? Paint U.S. Red has complained about this very thing. I’ve got a couple of ideas that I will be seeding over the next year or two. We will see what grows. Hey, a year or two out, there will be something new to use. More than likely I will be playing around with it.

In at least one case, I think I feel Obama’s pain. The Blackberry has become part of my body. I would need to go to a recovery group if it went away. Yes, it’s a Blackberry to some but it’s always Crackberry to me! Well, it appears that he will be giving up his very soon, and I feel really bad for him. That is no joke.

Every so often I get a link from another blog in the First State. The latest link points to my favorable post about Michael Steele. The comment made within the link is not directed at me (at least I’m 98.7% sure it isn’t). It does say that Republicans pander to certain groups of people based on their race or gender. Being that large portions of the Democrat party have raised pandering to a fine art, it would then be easy to identify that type of activity when it appears in other places. There are some that have accused certain portions of the GOP as behaving as Democrats, so the assessment of pandering might be fair. In the cases of Michael Steele or Sarah Palin, I find pandering highly unlikely. They have both came to their place with their skills and talents. As my fellow Delaware blogger would agree, it is sad to say that there are some in our society that still do not embrace the dream of Martin Luther King who spoke, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” I would take the liberty and add gender to that as well. May we all aspire to that higher plane.