More Americans Choose Life

Last week good news in the culture war came in the form of a Gallop poll. For the first time since Gallop began asking about one’s position on abortion, more Americans surveyed were pro-life (51%) than pro-choice (42%). Even factoring in the 3% margin of error in favor of pro-choice and against pro-life, it is still 48% to 45%. This is indeed very good news.

In the early 1980s, I recall hearing Dr. James Dobson state that the battle for life would not be won in the courts. It would be  the education and explanation of abortion, swaying the hearts of Americans, that one day would end this reign of terror against the innocent unborn. It would appear that years of winning hearts may now be showing it’s fruit.

Pro-life Americans should not see this as a time to sit back, but pro-lifers need to press into the fight. The tide is turning, and we are winning.

Republicans are on the winning side of this issue, if the GOP would only stay with it.