Delaware Politics – Is It Me Or Is It Backwards?

(guest post from The Conservative Geek)

Yes, I realize that there are many that would say that all politics is backwards.  Feel free to make your own jokes.  And yes, there are many things in the political that I could complain about but I am focusing on two items today.

Is it just me or does it seem to defy logic that the the state’s annual fiscal budget will not be finalized until late June?  This is the budget that sets the spending for July to next June.  I’m sure that to many, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I know many people are anxiously watching the budget proposals this year because their jobs are on the line.  Some may not know if they have a job on July 1 until we reach July 1.  Now, we can make arguments all day long about bloated government and underworked employees.  In some cases (but not all), those arguments hold true, however, the employees whose funding may be cut deserves plenty of time to make other arrangements.

Maybe there are valid reasons that we cannot get the budget done in May, but I don’t know what they are.  Could someone help enlighten me?  I believe that corporate franchise taxes are due March 1.  Why can’t we move income taxes deadlines to April 15, the same day as federal?  Wouldn’t that give us a good idea how much we have to work with by the start of May?  Can’t we hammer out a workable budget in a month?

This leads me to my next complaint of the evening.  Why do we hold Delaware primaries in September?  The excuse I have always heard is that state legislatures need to devote time to state business (mainly the budget) until June 30 and then need time to campaign.  So we Republicans are left with as many as 3 senate candidates and 4 congressional candidates until September or the candidates’ money runs out.  If the budget were done in May, wouldn’t that make room for an August or (gasp!) June/July primary.  We beat each other up until there are 2 months before the general election and wonder why voters are disenchanted with the candidates.

Now, if we enacted term limits for state elected officials,  as Elbert so eloquently proposed  here, maybe they wouldn’t need to spend as much time campaigning for their own party’s endorsement.

Sorry for rambling, I just things should work better.  Maybe we should get James Dyson to run the state for a term or two.