Random Thoughts #11

Friday my wife and I marked the 18th birthday of our two youngest children. Wow. It’s a milestone for them and us. Here is the weird thing: they said they didn’t want to do anything, and we did nothing today. Justin’s girlfriend came over after school to hang out. We had pizza. The two decided that they couldn’t decide on one movie. Justin went to bed early. Josh sat downstairs and watched “wrestling” then went to bed before the show was over. Well, Sunday we will have some family and friends over. Maybe that’s the day we officially celebrate.

As a challenge I have taken up writing a book review every-so-often. It was my hope that it might give me some other ways to improve my writing skills. I can say after attempting to do this a second time, it is, for me, a difficult task. I’ve had one book since June and have yet to get the review together. There is another one to do, but it has a specific date to be complete. The date is right around the corner. This gives me two reviews to complete in less than two weeks. Whew.

It is a struggle to write while stressed. At least it is for me.

The past two weeks at the job have been crazy. I work in the technology department at a school district. The teachers returned to school last week. The students returned to school this week. For the technology department we had a great summer start but the end of the summer seemed a mess. It didn’t help that a file server was down for more than a week while we looked for parts. My supervisor, who has many years of experience with this whole summer cycle says we are doing great considering two things. First, a lot of small jobs were able to be completed in the last two weeks. Second, considering the large amount of technology in the district we are not completely crushed by the weight of it all. Looking at the glass half full has it’s advantages. Maybe for me a change in perception is in order.

So if any of this makes sense, you now know why writing hasn’t been easy, except tonight when all the family is in bed.

In closing, it is posts like this that make me wonder if they are too personal.