Teacher Removed From The Classroom For Anointing Students

The Virginian-Pilot is reporting that fifth grade teacher at Jacox Elementary School was removed from the classroom due to using “holy oil” in the classroom. Apparently the teacher had been anointing her students and their desks during a three year period of time. In June of this year a parent complained about the practice. The matter was investigated, the teacher was approached, and then she was removed from the classroom. She later resigned.

Folks, the unnamed teacher had been anointing those children for three years. Three years. This means that some of those previously anointed children are getting ready to enter eighth grade. Just now a parent complained. Why did it take that long? Does anyone think that parents didn’t already know that she did this? Maybe there were parents that though this was a great idea so they said nothing.

One parent complained after three years. What brought about the complaint? Maybe the parent didn’t approve of the typically Pentecostal practice because their particular Christian denomination doesn’t practice that. Maybe the kid got a bad case of zits from having “holy oil” rubbed on their forehead all year.

One other thought: what became of those children that this teacher anointed with “holy oil”?

The article from the Virginian-Pilot is here.