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Companies Boycotting Fox News

Posted: 03/29/2010 by that's Elbert in bias, TV
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Twitter user “jpconnorjr” posted a tweet about Apple boycotting Fox News because of Glen Beck’s show. I’m not sure if this was a recent development or if this is old news. The far left has pressured several advertisers to avoid Beck’s opinion show and with some even avoiding the whole network. If Apple has wussed out and jumped ship, it looks like Jon Scott and Jane Skinner, hosts of the network’s 11AM show “Happening Now” need to start covering those Apple logos on the back of their MacBooks.

It’s understandable that companies pick where they want their ads placed. If a company didn’t want ads placed on a news opinion show, they certainly have the right to act on that. It does seem stupid to avoid a ratings goldmine, considering Fox leaves their news rivals CNN and MSNBC in the dust. If these boycotters leave their ads at the opinion/news networks CNN and MSNBC, I sure hope there are getting a bargain. They sure aren’t reaching the market they could get.

To toss this in, if by the same standards Fox News is judged as “opinion” reporting, then CNN and MSNBC would have no problem falling into the same category, the one they have comfortably been in for years.

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