October Surprise: A Strike On Iran

Here’s an article from Alex Gimarc’s Interesting Items 7/19/2010 to stir some thought.

There is more than a little talk out there about an October Surprise orchestrated to pull the Democrats’ bacon out of the fire this election. Most speculation centers around some version of a Reichstag Fire, being blamed on the Tea Party, right wing militias, racists, and haters (generally anybody and anything that does not agree with Obama or the democrats). One observation is that if they were willing to crash the economy like they did in September 2008 in order to attain an edge in an upcoming election, they will certainly do something worse this time around. I am starting to think this one will end up being a joint decapitation strike on Iran.

There have been bits and pieces of stories out there over the last couple months that lead me to believe this. For example, we have the deployment of an additional carrier battle group in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf. We have three Israeli submarines transiting the Suez Canal last month, southbound, destination unknown. There is at least one report of Israeli jets staging at a Saudi Arabian airfield. The Saudis have reportedly also given the Israelis overflight rights. Add to all that Obama’s recent meeting with Israeli PM Netanyahu which they both pretended to be best friends, a 180 degree turnaround from their disastrous meeting last year. We also have increased anti-Iranian rhetoric out of some left wing media organs and blogs. Since they all get their talking points from the same place (Journolist), one may suspect that something may be up. Finally, we have the new CINC CENT, who is a kick-a** Marine, with no love for Islamists at any level.

Paranoid speculation? Perhaps. But I would not put it past this group of fascists to pull a stunt like this a week or three before the election. Remember both Bush 41 and 43 had spectacular approval numbers shortly after successful military actions in the Middle East against unfriendly governments. Remove the Obama downward drag on democrats running for election, and they will do a LOT better than what they are currently expected. Just some food for thought.

I could see the Obama Administration and the Democrats try a stunt like this, but I believe most Americans would see the truth through it. While the right thing might be done once, they are only using the military as a tool to win this election.

(Alex Gimarc’s Interesting Items are at this link)