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Last year I did a post on a counterculture holiday celebrating marijuana, occurring every year on April 20th. The “holiday” might get more attention this year due to the current push to legalize marijuana for “medical” purposes in many states. It’s worth noting that a recent Pew Research Center poll reveals that, “three-quarters of Americans (73%) say they favor their state allowing the sale and use of marijuana for medical purposes if it is prescribed by a doctor, while 23% are opposed.” Momentum appears to be on the side of those who support marijuana for “medical” purposes.

Let’s face it folks. There is no way that some who obtain marijuana for “medical” purposes actually need it for “medical” purposes. In fact, I would venture a guess that as many as 30-40% don’t have some sort of a medical reason to have it.

Here’s a funny observation from that same Pew poll. According to the report, “45% say they would be very or somewhat concerned if a store that sold medical marijuana opened near other stores in their area.” So, some are OK with legalizing marijuana for “medical” purposes, but just don’t sell it in their backyard.

Let’s remember the dangers of marijuana use (link):

  • Impaired perception
  • Diminished short-term memory
  • Loss of concentration and coordination
  • Impaired judgment
  • Increased risk of accidents
  • Loss of motivation
  • Diminished inhibitions
  • Increased heart rate
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, and paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Damage to the respiratory, reproductive, and immune systems
  • Increased risk of cancer
  • Psychological dependency

For my friends who will be celebrating 4/20, let me remind you that Earth Day is just two days away, yet another day to celebrate the wacky weed. That is, if you can remember it.


Here are some questions to consider. How soon do you think Obamacare will be covering prescriptions for “medical” marijuana? How soon do you think Obamacare will run over a state’s wishes to deny legalizing marijuana’s “medical” use?

  1. I don’t use marijuana, or any illegal drugs (and do not advocate drug use), but I support decriminalizing it for medical and personal use. If someone is driving while impaired, obviously that’s a problem, but I do not think it should be illegal for someone to smoke pot in the privacy of his own home, so long as he does no harm to others. Usually when I express this opinion my conservative friends look at me like I’m stabbing them in the back, but I think it is consistent with the principles of a limited, constitutional government that exists only to protect citizens from others, not themselves.

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