Sussex Should Oppose Gambling

Posted: 03/15/2010 by that's Elbert in crime, Sussex County

A recent article on the Cape Gazette points out the difficultly several find getting the Sussex County Council to pass a resolution condemning gambling in the county. From the article:

Eric Bodenweiser has appealed to council twice, and at the Feb. 16 meeting he was joined by four others. There is no indication council will place the matter on a future agenda, but at least one member, Sam Wilson, R-Georgetown, voiced support for a resolution.

Councilman Wilson’s comments from the same article:

“It’s a rarity to find people to stand for morals today,” he said. State officials are putting proceeds from gambling first without considering any possible ramifications, he said.

The Cape Gazette reports Councilman George Cole (R-Ocean View) opinions:

…the council is not involved with social issues but land-use matters. In that regard, he has asked county staff to explore a zoning designation specifically for casinos.

I perceive that Councilman Cole’s position is to accept what the state desires to impose upon the county, thus set up ways to deal with the construction of casinos in the county. It would seem that his position is in fact an involvement in social issues, judging that everything is OK with the Governor’s desire to turn the state into a giant casino.

Sussex County needs to say no to the expansion of gambling. As it is pointed out at this link:

Gambling addicts people, ruins marriages, destroys families, exploits children, fleeces the poor, bankrupts communities, raises crime, creates corruption, makes false promises, distorts reality, deceives the public and lies all the way to the bank.

Marginalizing gambling opposition because it is a “social” issue results in creating problems that spill into those areas that are seen at non-social. Recognizing potential problems on those areas, the council should move to oppose gambling in the county, not only by resolution but by banning its operation or at the very least making it impossible to construct or operate here.

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  1. Hef says:

    Gambling doesn’t destroy a community or it’s people. I just moved down here from a suburban community that fought this same battle, except they chose to fight against a casino in favor of a Outlet mall. Now everyone in the community is in for a rude awakening, their taxes are going up because the Outlets aren’t creating the taxes that a casino would BUT are costing the township in Police overtime… a quiet suburban community the SAFE shopping mall generates between 15-25 police/EMS calls a day!!!!!! Check with harrington how many times they need to call the cops or EMS! Money brings crime NO MATTER IN WHAT FORM! But sometimes the tax benefits outway any “moral” dilemna you may have!