Fighting Childhood Obesity

Posted: 02/19/2010 by that's Elbert in government, health, health care

The White House has set up a task force to combat childhood obesity. The First Lady is going to be the face of the campaign. Certainly encouraging Americans to adopt healthy lifestyles is a good cause. No one would question that. In light of the far left’s desire and attempt to takeover our health care system it gets me a little uneasy. Take note of this statement in the memorandum:

Without effective intervention, many more children will endure serious illnesses that will put a strain on our health-care system. We must act now to improve the health of our Nation’s children and avoid spending billions of dollars treating preventable disease.

One could only imagine our government waging this campaign in a government-run health care system. How would The White House handle something they say has “reached epidemic rates”? Would it translate as high taxes imposed on foods they say might be contributors to this problem? Forced fitness programs for offenders? Denial of services to those who don’t comply?

Let’s hope we never find out.


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