Woodland Ferry Is Still Closed

Posted: 02/08/2010 by that's Elbert in Delaware, transportation & roads

The News Journal/DelawareOnline reports today more bad news for the Woodland Ferry:

The ferry has been idle since October, when it developed problems with its thruster. A replacement was ordered and installed, but when DelDOT started test runs, another part of the ferry’s hydraulic system failed, Shockley said.

After the old boat lived in perpetual breakdown, it seems that the new boat, The Tina Fallon, has been cursed with the same curse. Someone should start asking questions about the design of these boat parts, which seem to be doomed to fail.

If I were Tina Fallon, I would go down to the ferry and personally scrape my name off the boat. Who would want their name associated with this?

If anyone wonders why taxpayers complain about waste in government, just take a drive down Woodland Ferry Road and take a look. Hopefully we will see the boat running again soon. Until then I suppose we will continue to see news reports like this.

  1. kevin says:

    it is nice ride when working an saves alot of time but i wonder would it have been better if there had been a bridge instead

  2. Brian Shields says:



  3. Perhaps a private organization could purchase, maintain, and run the ferry. It will be a shame if a piece of local heritage has to go due to cost; sure it’s quirky and inefficient, but there aren’t many other ferries around. I particularly like the one at Oxford, west of Easton.