Reading Overload

Posted: 01/09/2010 by that's Elbert in books, personal

Do you ever just get sick of reading? That must be where I am.

It’s not a good thing though. My email box is overflowing with unread messages. There are three books sitting next to my bed. One of them should have a review written for it already, but currently it just sits there. For another one of those books I promised a brief review although it wasn’t required. The remaining book I read off and on. It’s called My Utmost For His Highest, a classic Christian devotional by Oswald Chambers. For that book, reading it irregularly isn’t necessarily bad because it’s laid out to read one page a day, with the date for the page placed neatly at the top. You could read the page and bam! You are done for now. Miss a day? It’s OK, just turn to the page with today’s date and read.

It's not that blirry if I wear my glasses! 😉

The “bam and you’re done” seems to be the appealing thing about email. In many cases the emails I receive are newsletters from various organizations. Most of the time they are short articles, no different than what you would get from a newspaper or magazine. Usually they can be read and understood fairly quickly. Sure, there’s time involved reading, but it’s a short period of time. Typically going through a book in the same manner isn’t possible, unless it is a book like My Utmost.

Anyway, let us return to the first paragraph. It could be said that I am sick of reading or burned out of reading. Thinking about these matters, my mind was brought to a preacher who had talked about the amount of information that is easily available to us via the Internet, television or other electronic media. He found himself overwhelmed with information from those sources once, and saw that it was not having a positive impact on him. He referred to his state at that time as having an “overcharged heart”. With that in mind I thought, “Hey, maybe that is what is going on! It’s an information overload!” Maybe the solution is simply empty my email inbox and set aside for another day the books I don’t need to read.

A friend would tell me that I am overthinking this whole matter. He is probably right.

The regular ol’mail was just delivered to the house. Guess what? There’s a package containing something I won on Twitter… another book.


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