Christmas 2009

Posted: 12/25/2009 by that's Elbert in Christmas, holidays

The Christmas posts are usually the more personal ones for me (see 2008 and 2007). It’s nice to set aside some of the more decisive things to just talk about our families and memories.

We received some sad news this morning. One of my wife’s uncles passed away yesterday. When she was growing up she would go on vacations with his family. It gave her many good memories. She is at peace, knowing that he was a Christian, giving her hope to see him again someday. It is so sad for anyone to go through tragedy at Christmas. I hope your holiday has as little pain as possible.

On Christmas Eve we usually have time with my grandmother and other family members on my mom’s side. Driving home from her house last night was so beautiful. The clear skies allowed the moonlight to reflect from the snow remaining in the fields. It was one of those things you see in pictures or video but seldom in person on Christmas. It warmed my heart.

We’ve had a couple of young men visit us this morning. One of them is playing on my son’s Xbox. He said he likes coming over here because it’s so peaceful. Of course that was before one of our sons plugged in his electric guitar.

My wife and I get to spend our first Christmas with a son-in-law and a grandson. Last night we all watched our 5 month old grandson attempt to unwrap presents. It was funny that he seemed to enjoy the paper more than the gifts. He did like some stacking cups, but that was because he could put them in his mouth. This is going to be fun watching him grow.

The gifts you receive at Christmas change over the years. During the last two years I have joked that I would be just getting socks and underwear this year because that’s what grandparents get, right? I did ask for t-shirts this year, and that’s what I got: t-shirts. Well they were needed! My wife knew my slippers were in really, really bad shape. There was a pair at one of those shoe stores in the Centre at Salisbury that caught my eye. They looked durable and warm (which is the greatest need during most of the year). With some cash gifted to me on my birthday I was heading to the Centre to get those slippers. My wife stopped me, saying that she was in there and noticed they were gone. Those slippers were gone because she got the last pair. I love my wife.

Out of ideas, this post will end here. Anyway, there are some things to do this afternoon and evening. Merry Christmas to everyone!


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