Getting Your Money’s Worth

Posted: 12/21/2009 by that's Elbert in government, taxes

The recent east coast snow storm brought out a need for some government services, mostly the removal of snow and ice from our roads. Apparently someone complained about snow removal. On Twitter user delawareliberal posted this:

Why is it that Teabaggers are the first to complain about the lack of gov’t services, i.e. snow plowing. (link)

To which I replied:

If they complain it’s probably because they pay good money (taxes) for those services. Duh. (link)

In the free market, a price is paid for a service. If I pay a high price for that service then I expect an high level of service. Most of us Tea Party supporters feel we pay a lot of money into our government but do not receive services equal to the price. We are more than justified to complain.

I didn’t get a reply. When the left runs out of defense for their arguments, the left resorts to name-calling. Apparently delawareliberal ran out before they started.


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