Lawmakers Vote To Legalize Adultery

Posted: 12/17/2009 by that's Elbert in culture, society

New Hampshire lawmakers are proposing legislation to repeal the state’s 200 year old adultery laws. In the past, you could get 39 lashes or a year in jail for running around on your husband or wife. Now you can do it guilt free courtesy of the government.

The story is here.

  1. Despite the valid argument that government should not restrict behavior between consenting adults, it’s difficult to see this as anything but government endorsement of infidelity.

  2. I was having a little fun with this.

    There is a line of thought out there that would believe that politicians are repealing the law so that they would not have to be subject to the law they are probably violating.

    Neither politician is in New Hampshire but Eliot Spitzer (NY) and Mark Sanford (SC) come to mind as politicians who have violated that law if it existed in their respective states.

  3. Speaking of the subject of adultery, the song “Reinventing Robert Cohn” by And Then There Were None comes to mind ( The song lyrics and meaning are at this link:

  4. I just learned that And Then There Were None, the band I mentioned above, is from New Hampshire (according to their PureVolume page).