Laurel’s 4th of July Celebration Could Happen in 2010

Posted: 12/15/2009 by that's Elbert in holidays, Laurel, Laurel Delaware
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The Laurel Chamber of Commerce officially notified the town that it will no longer sponsor the annual 4th of July celebration. Many of us are disappointed. In a Laurel Star article, Mayor John Shwed stated:

…the Chamber’s decision to cease sponsorship of the 4th of July event is something that everyone must consider “long and hard.” He said that recently the Chamber also ceased sponsorship of the annual “Citizen of the Year,” and the town took over that project. “I think our public needs to think about this long and hard because if there is no 4th of July event, Laurel will have no annual celebration,” he said. “Seaford has ‘River Fest’ and Bridgeville has ‘Apple-Scrapple.’ I think there needs to be some soul searching to consider either rejuvenating this event or choosing something else.”

Mayor Shwed told me this morning that there will be a meeting in January to discuss organizing this year’s 4th of July celebration. There isn’t a firm date set, but it will be announced shortly. Please consider attending the meeting as well as volunteering to make this event happen in 2010.

  1. Frank Calio says:

    As you stated the town took over the Citizen of the year this year. Have you read where one was named?
    A 4th of July celebration takes a lot of manpower and you are asking people to give up their holiday.
    DelTech did it for years; with the manpower they have available they found it was too much to ask of their employees.
    Good luck!

  2. Jamie says:

    The Town of Laurel did take over the Citizen of the Year last year with the Citizen of the Year for 2008 being Midge McMasters.