Good Samaritan at Laurel Food Lion

Posted: 11/21/2009 by that's Elbert in Laurel Delaware

After reading Frank Calio’s Blog, I was very disappointed to hear that the Good Samaritan would not be allowed to ring the bell at the doors of Food Lion, standing firm behind a company policy. Well it looks like Food Lion management blinked.

Laurel Delaware

I was very glad to see this man by the door around noon today. I dropped a donation in the kettle, and he let me grab a picture. The gentlemen informed me that Food Lion management allowed them to set up today and one more day in December. Well, two days is better than nothing.

It is still shameful on the part of Food Lion. By blocking a well-known community organization that supports people in the same community that Food Lion serves, it doesn’t show the chain grocery store cares much about the community. It certainly adds to the noise I’ve been hearing since French’s closed: we need another local grocery store. I couldn’t agree more.

Take time to stop by Food Lion and drop a donation in the kettle for the Good Samaritan.

  1. I like the slogan on the sign, “Money Stays Locally.” A shame that all the money spent in Food Lion doesn’t. The value of the local jobs the store provides pales in comparison to the sense of community that a locally owned and operated grocery store would bring to the area.