New Laurel Business Is A Sushi Bar

Posted: 11/15/2009 by that's Elbert in Laurel, Laurel Delaware

A sushi bar is setting up next to Food Lion, the Panda & Toyko Chinese & Japanese Sushi Bar. I never thought of putting a sushi bar in Laurel. It would probably work at the beach or Salisbury, but will it work in the thriving metropolis of Laurel, DE? We shall see. I am more than happy to see one less empty building in our town, so I wish them well.

  1. There isn’t a sushi bar in Seaford and Georgetown, so expect some cross-county traffic. That, and it is about time Laurel gets a decent chinese food place. No.1 looks grungy and was cited many many times for health code violations… too many for me to ever go there.

  2. HOWARD says:

    Well with all the liquor stores Laurel has it is no surprise it getting a sushi bar.

  3. I find Japanese cuisine to be strange and revolting, for the most part. Far too many rubbery dishes that blur the line between flora and fauna. But it’s good that new Laurel establishments are coming into being; at least we didn’t get a fifth pizza joint.

  4. If Bargain Bill’s keeps their old menu, Laurel will return to the level of 5 pizza places. At one time their pizza was good.

    • I was including Bargain Bill’s with Pizza King, Pizza Palace, and the one by Food Lion–which one have I forgotten?

      • Pizza King, Laurel Pizzeria (where Pizza Palace used to be), Brothers’ Pizza (near Food Lion), Dominos, and Bargain Bill’s (if they return to pizza).