Halloween 2009

Posted: 10/31/2009 by that's Elbert in holidays

My wife and I must plan for Halloween every year since we moved into Laurel. We previously lived out in the middle of somewhere, which means very few little children with pumpkin-shaped baskets and pillowcases saying things such as “give me candy or I’ll take your soul”. We usually hit up Walmart or Happy Harry’s for some deals on treats.  This year we were prepared for the crowd that we usually get. The crowd never showed, so we’ve got some sweets to tempt us every time we walk by them.

As you might see, there’s a hand already reaching for them…

This is the winner for the best costume tonight.

  1. Frank Calio says:

    Are you sure you didn’t send them to our house. We were in TN, but our daughter said she had to purchase additional candy to what we had purchased which was more than last year.