Woodland Ferry Is Down Again

Posted: 10/16/2009 by that's Elbert in Laurel Delaware, Seaford

Once more, the Woodland Ferry is out of service. Most of us thought spending $3.2 million on a new ferry, the Tina Fallon, to cross the Nanticoke River would cause us to quickly forget the frequent breakdowns of the old ferry, the Virginia C. Good grief, this new boat has been in service for a year, and so far it’s been down three times. The summer outage, when it was out of service from June to August, was caused by a fishing line caught in a thruster. It seems ridiculous that the boat was not built in such a fashion as to overcome what might be a common problem in the water. The News Journal reports that the current issue seems to be with, once again, a thruster. On Monday it will be inspected to determine the problem. DelDOT says they have no idea how long it will be out until it is examined. Let’s hope it is an easy fix, putting it back in the water serving the community once again.

The News Journal story is posted here.

  1. Drawbridge. Problem solved.

  2. I have often wondered if a bridge had been considered there at one time. Based on the boat traffic through there, it would have to be a drawbridge. Could you imagine making that bridge work there in these times? Every whiny environmental group would be out defending some microscopic organism that supposedly only lives in some grass that grows only in the Nanticoke.