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Posted: 10/16/2009 by that's Elbert in blogging, Laurel Delaware

Laurel resident and columnist Frank Calio is now blogging. You can read his opinions on his blog Frank Calio’s Blog. Remember he was the guy that criticized the Laurel High School Marching Band a few weeks ago. We shall see how he does on the Internet. I wish him well.

He will have some catching up to do with The Juggernaut of Western Sussex County Bloggers, Delmar Dustpan. To be clear I wish to aspire to juggernaut status but I still have a long way to go.

I will give Frank some space on the blogroll. There aren’t any links to other bloggers on Frank’s blog but maybe he will see it in his heart to return the love to the Juggernaut and yours truly. I hope my readers will stop by and give him some hits on his stats page. Hey, tell him Elbert the original Laurel blogger sent ya! 😉

  1. Frank Calio says:

    Dear Elbert, thanks for introducing my blog to your large audience; Delmar Dustpan has been one of my favorites for some time;; I’m just catching yours. I find it interesting as well.
    One last word about my comment about the LHS band. I was amazed as I have been when people mistook what I wrote in my weekly column; How does one read I criticized the band, which I read to mean their performance when I only asked, “Where are the uniforms? The answer was hidden in the long critique by the band instructor that they had a performance the next day and did not want to dirty their uniforms.Acceptable!
    However this is not the first time they have made appearances without uniforms; the annual 4th of July parade, when they could assemble a band and other local performances, especially in the summer have seen the band in street clothes.
    I was in the Laurel band for 6 years when we were the top band in state competition; we went everywhere in the summer in our wool uniforms. We proudly represented our community and I expect no less out of this generation.
    If it was the case the band didn’t want to dirty their uniforms, or if it is too hot in the summer they can wear kakai pants and a white shirt. No excuse for looking like it’s a casual Friday.
    Back to your comments; I am not in the same league as you and Dustpan; my style is quite different as is my reading audience. I just needed more than one day a week to spout off.

  2. I think the blog format will suit you well. In fact, I was surprised you had not jumped into it sooner.

    You might see some crossover in audiences. Folks do seem to enjoy a variety, at least that’s what I’ve seen in my time.

  3. Frank Calio says:

    I’m finding other bloggers like yourself are linking my site to theirs which is something i hope to learn how to do for other bloggers.
    I’ve wanted to blog for sometime but thought I wouldn’t show loyalty to my editor who has supported me for a couple decades. So, I had to make the break in order to do my blog; wasn’t an easy choice.

  4. HOWARD says:

    Even I will acquiesce to your juggernaut status Elbert. I may post more often but you have quality in your posts which I will certainly admit my posts miss out on. Plus you get to pose for pictures with the big name bloggers and politicians.

  5. Ah Howard, you know we toss titles back and forth in a playful way. Outraged Richard put your blog in a proper light, “you provide a valuable resource of information to the Delmar, Delaware community. At your demise I will be printing out your Delmar Dustpan blog and submitting it to the United States Library of Congress.” I commented further, “Not only should his blog be printed, many of the articles should be prepared and published as a book. A hardcover edition should be printed and placed in the Delmar Library and possibly in other prominent places.” It sounds like I’m kissing up, but I was serious. Many of the articles you have posted regarding local events and history are great.

    If anything, I have learned from you. Your style regarding posts about local events seemed good, so I borrowed from that.

    Mr. Calio is more aware of Laurel’s community events, so he will have better coverage of these events.

    Now that I have written this sappy comment, my stomach is slightly upset, as yours probably is too. I will stop here.