Donald Miller – A Million Miles In A Thousand Years

Posted: 09/29/2009 by that's Elbert in books

While trying to adapt one of his books into a movie, Donald Miller learned some things about “story”. Miller encourages his readers to create a better story in their lives. He gives several examples through the book, showing how those choices made a transformation in families and lives.

The stories in this book are fascinating. Many of the people he covers are ordinary people that decided to do something bigger, something that would stretch them and change their story in a positive way. Most importantly, he describes how his own life was changed by stepping out of his “boring life” (as it’s described in chapter four) and making a better story. He made a trip to Peru with some friends and a girl he liked. He met his father who he had not seen in 30 years. He took a bicycle ride from the west coast to the east coast. The flow to the book is similar to his previous books. As I have described this book to my wife, it is like he begins to discuss one thing, then darts off to another thing then back to the previous. His style may not appeal to everyone. I would hope that you would read it anyway. There is much you can gain from A Million Miles. I felt challenged to make a better story of my own life, doing something out of my comfort zone. I believe you will too.


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