Crime Stories From Delaware Last Week

Posted: 09/13/2009 by that's Elbert in crime, Delaware, police

There were several crime stories from last week that seemed worth sharing.

First, on September 8th the News Journal reports that Elwood D. Fenwick of Dover was charged with burglary, criminal mischief, attempted theft and possession of burglary tools. Apparently Fenwick broke into a home which set off the home’s burglar alarm system. He then tried to hide from police in a second floor bedroom. Fenwick was found when police did a search of the house. It looks like Fenwick lost that game of hide-and-seek.

Second, a September 10th News Journal story reports that Jeremiah M. McCarthy of Newark was charged with second degree arson and traffic offenses. McCarthy was found behind Astro Plaza Shopping Center in Milltown attempting to set his vehicle on fire. Troopers put out the small fire and arrested McCarthy. The only thing that went up in flames that night were McCarthy’s plans.

Finally a September 11th News Journal story reports Vickie Gambrell of Claymont was charged with possession of a deadly weapon during a felony, aggravated menacing and offensive touching. Gambrell wanted to buy $20 worth of gas from the Country Farms store in Stanton. She had laid a $1 bill on the counter believing she had laid a $20 bill. When the clerk would only give Gambrell $1 worth of gas, she began to argue with the clerk. She then left the store only to return cursing and screaming at the clerk, demanding that the clerk return her $20. The clerk insisted that Gambrell only gave him $1. She then went into a rage, going behind the counter and punching the clerk. At that point Gambrell grabbed a pair of scissors and held them to the clerk’s neck. Gambrell threatened to harm the clerk if he did not comply. The clerk gave Gambrell $20, then she left the store. While pulling away in her car, she discovered that the $20 bill in question was in her purse all along. Gambrell returned to the store to find the state police who arrested her. The News Journal says she was released on $8,500 unsecured bail, a lot more money than $20.

According to my calendar, the full moon occurred on September 4th, in case you were wondering.

  1. Chris says:

    Found this Story on – thought it followed suit a bit

    Joining our ever-increasing pantheon of stupid criminals, we have one 19-year old Pennsylvania man who was nabbed after forgetting to log out of his Facebook account at the scene of the crime.

    Why the h*** would someone stop to check Facebook on a computer owned by the person you robbing? Facebook addiction is a serious problem folks. Mark my words—its only a matter of time before some idiot felon gives a play-by-play tweet session of a crime in progress. H***, it’s probably already happened. [Mashable]