37th District Special Election Results With Comments

Posted: 09/13/2009 by that's Elbert in Delaware, democrats, election

Published through Judson Bennett’s Coastal Network:

Ruth Briggs King (R) wins 37th District Special Election held yesterday (September 12th)-Democrat super majority thwarted!

Overcoming some voter concerns about her real estate lobbying position and her former affiliation with manufactured housing park- owners, Republican- Ruth Briggs King- defeated Democrat Rob Robinson in the Special Election held yesterday, Saturday, September 12th to replace Representative Joe Booth (R) who moved to the State Senate’s 19th District to replace the late Thurman Adams in another special election held in August. Mrs. King won 6 of the 8 electoral districts in the entire 37th District, losing Lewes District (2) by only 20 votes. Mr. Robinson also won Lewes District (1) substantially, but not by enough to overcome Mrs. King’s consistent, geographical victory throughout the city of Georgetown and surrounding area.

Regardless of an endorsement from the Cape Gazette newspaper for her opponent and the publishing of a multitude of letters to the Editor for Robinson the day before the election, along with a Union related blitz from Pennsylvania which worked sections of Lewes (passing out negative literature), Mrs. King clearly prevailed. Interestingly and obviously, the well oiled, Joe Booth political machine picked up Ruth Briggs King’s campaign and worked tirelessly to help her win. Republicans held the line for her in Lewes along with Independents, while many Democrats in the Georgetown area crossed over to support King over Robinson.

That’s the way it is folks until the political season starts again in January for the 2010 action. Congratulations to Ruth Briggs King, the new state Representative for the 37th District.

Repectfully Submitted,
JUDSON Bennett-Coastal Network

What should concern residents of Sussex County is Judson’s statement regarding supporters of Robinson’s campaign: “Union related blitz from Pennsylvania which worked sections of Lewes (passing out negative literature).” Reports of activities from ACORN as well as an organization called “Working Families For Delaware’s Future” should send chills down the spines of thoughtful Delaware residents. Is this a sign of things to come for Delaware elections? Will we be facing voter fraud the likes that ACORN has passed out in other states? It’s one thing if the left wins an election fair and square. It’s another thing to steal elections like the Franken-Coleman election in Minnesota.

One more member of the state Senate is GOP. The state House stands firm with it’s numbers for the GOP. Hopefully with future GOP wins, we can push back the darkness, but until then…


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