Max Lucado’s Fearless

Posted: 09/08/2009 by that's Elbert in books, Christianity, review

Max Lucado - FearlessFearless addresses the issue of fear in a relevant manner. This book looks at several things addressed in Scripture regarding fear by laying them next to fears common today. These items covered include heavy topics such as death, practical topics such as having enough to meet basic needs, and personal questions such as “do I really matter.”

I couldn’t have gotten this book at a better time. The chapters were brief, dealing with each topic interwoven with generally short illustrations. It would make a good devotional. The first chapter set the tone revealing reasons we fear and the effect of fear on our lives, even saying that fear “creates a form of spiritual amnesia,” making “us forget what Jesus has done and how good God is.” Each of the following chapters began with Scripture then dove into a good mix of illustration and instruction. One cannot accuse this book of being high-minded but something anyone could read and apply. I found several statements in this book that I highlighted and will refer to again and again. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with Fearless.


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