Laurel Senior League Girls Win Spot in World Series Championship. Play On ESPN2!

Posted: 08/15/2009 by brownmike in Laurel, Laurel Delaware, sports, Sussex County
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The Laurel senior league girls have marched through pool play without a loss and defeated Latin America in the semi final game to play in the championship game today at 11am against the West Ouachita Little League, from Calhoun, Louisiana.  They will be playing on ESPN2 live!  What an achievement for the girls of our thriving metropolis, as Elbert like to call us.  The game is in Roxana Delaware (another thriving metropolis).  The website for the world series information is  Whether you’re a huge sports nut or don’t know the difference between a slap bunt and a foul ball, you have to be proud of the local team playing big on an international stage.

2009 Laurel Senior Leauge Girls

2009 Laurel Senior Leauge Girls

  1. Erin J says:

    Is district3 anything like District 9? (bad geek joke)

    I’m so proud of the kids!! Wish I could watch it all, but I’ll see what I can!