Teen Runs From Muslim Parents

Posted: 08/11/2009 by that's Elbert in Christianity

Charisma Magazine reports that Fathima Rifqa Bary, a 17 year old from Columbus, OH, has ran away to Orlando, FL, fleeing from parents that she says wants to kill her. She says her father has threatened her twice with death after learning she had become a Christian and was baptized.

The article further states:

She is now seeking emancipation from her parents, claiming they would kill her to defend the family’s honor if the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) returned her to their custody. In addition to Bary’s age, the case is complicated by the fact that she and her family immigrated from Sri Lanka and are not U.S. citizens.

Although Mohamed Bary denies that he threatened to kill his daughter, a juvenile court judge in Orange County ruled [Monday August 10th] that Bary can remain in Orlando in DCF custody and set a hearing for Aug. 21. Until then, Bary will live in a group home.

“Honor killings” are not unusual in the US. Earlier this year, Muzzammil Hassan of New York was charged with second degree murder of his wife in an alleged honor killing . She was beheaded. Before this event, his wife had filed for divorce.

The teen fled to Florida after meeting a Charismatic couple in a prayer group on Facebook.

You can read the complete Charisma article here.


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