Random Thoughts #10

Posted: 07/20/2009 by that's Elbert in blogging
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I set up a Twitter account sometime last summer but actually started using it in the fall. It’s an interesting way to pop out short thoughts and ideas. There are a number of ways I have used it, including posting links to blog posts, sharing links I collect on Delicious, sharing links to my posts at DelawarePolitics.net, posting photos I get on my cell phone, sometimes giving early glimpses into future blog posts, and various ideas. Probably a good blog post to read explaining the whole Twitter thing is on Michael Hyatt’s blog.

Speaking of Michael Hyatt, I have found him to be a very interesting person to follow on Twitter. He is the CEO of Thomas Nelson, a book publisher out of Nashville, TN. He mentions things about their books, the publishing industry, family, friends, and his daily activities. I shot him a few questions about his job to which he quickly replied. Also, I posed a question about an older product they once sold, which he quickly pointed me to the right person who could handle my question. Yes, social media is something many companies are using to promote their company and products, but his approach is not just the sell but the personal connection. If I were into social media to market a product, I would certainly use his approach as the standard. To be honest, I wonder if he’s really marketing a product at all. He sparked my interest in Andy Andrew’s book The Noticer so maybe he is marketing. Who cares, he’s a nice guy! His blog is here, and his Twitter account is here.

Speaking of Twitter, Bill Sammons posted a tweet about an obituary. William Manning of Selbyville, DE had an interesting obit in the News Journal. Take a look at this:

Bill was a very proud father and a stubborn Irishman. He was a large man in stature. However, his imposing figure was eclipsed by the size of his heart, which was warm and caring. A charismatic soul, he made friends wherever he went and was a notorious trouble maker and mischief seemed to follow him. He was also an aspiring novelist with his major work being “The Three Furies”. A beloved friend, he will be missed dearly and “oh yeah and the chicks wanted him. LOL DOD”.


Brian over at The Mourning Constitution has a very good post about getting the most out your AC this summer. He posted some of his advice on Twitter, then put it all together in a post. I’m a cheapskate and interested in making my dollar stretch, so I scanned over his post to learn what I could.

Howard at Delmar Dustpan has a good post about race riots in Greenwood, DE back in 1905:

The trouble began over a half-witted white man being terribly beaten by three negroes.

I love that description, “a half-witted white man”. How many would venture a guess that the half wit started the fight?


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