A Waste of Disk Space and Bandwidth

Posted: 07/18/2009 by that's Elbert in blogging, progressive
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Some things drive me crazy. Some things annoy the stuff out of me.

I don’t visit Delaware Liberal often for a number of reasons, too many to list or cover here. I’ve got better things about which to write. For some reason, I stopped by recently and discovered the makeover of the site. It looks nice. Good job guys/gals!

My gripe today is that this passes on DL as political thought:

Western Sussex County from the MD line to Kent is a festering hell hole.

and further:

The place must be governed by a bunch of drunken, inbred losers.

C’mon DL, you can do better than that!

My friend Michael in Wicomico County, MD, took a jab at the northern part of the state in a less juvenile tone:

Similarly to Maryland, the electoral politics in the First State is dominated by one small geographic area of the state and the rest suffers because of this oppressive tyranny of the majority.

  1. jason330 says:

    That was not posted as “political thought” but simply as a factual observation after a drive through the said festering hell hole followed by the formulation of a theory to explain the fact.