Criticism of The SCCOR Debate

Posted: 07/10/2009 by that's Elbert in election
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Recently Judson Bennett’s Coastal Network published some emails related to a recent 19th Senatorial District campaign debate. The debate held by the Sussex County Community Organized Regiment, or better known as SCCOR. As in most debates, questions were asked and answers were given by the candidates. Someone sending an email to Mr. Bennett had an issue with the questions, writing:

I believe the problem with most organizations and political groups is that they are too focused.  They zero in on one side of an issue, and refuse to discuss or debate with an open mind, preventing them from altering or changing their viewpoint even a little.

and further:

I had heard much about SCCOR and decided to go to the debate Tuesday to see what this group was all about and at the same time learn about the candidates running for Sen. Adams seat.  To be honest, based on what I had already heard from some of their people, I was hoping I was wrong about them.  I wasn’t. What I found out is that they have a narrow point of view in their world of politics.  There does not appear to be any room for a difference of opinion, a different point of view, or a slight variation of any kind and I was very disappointed.

and finally:

They are another, “my way or the highway” group and while I do agree with them on some issues, if they refuse to discuss everything on the table, they will be ineffective. The law of life and nature is when you stop learning and growing, you die, so will SCCOR if they don’t open their minds up.

Organizations such as SCCOR exist because they have a set of values and beliefs which they seek to promote. There should be no surprise that their point of view would be the only one considered. They don’t pretend to be a group that is impartial.

If they were, say, a news organization which would seem to just report the news without an agenda, then all sides should be considered, and the lack thereof should be criticized. SCCOR is not that type of organization.

Should there be criticism of a one-sided group such as Planned Parenthood, who hold to the idea that killing unborn children is OK? They are also another “my way or the highway” group which would refuse to discuss anything against their idea. No one would argue that they have been ineffective in their mission and ideas. They are very closed-minded, refusing to open their minds to the idea that promoting abortion is the promotion of killing children. I am sure you can find other organizations like Planned Parenthood who do the same thing.

SCCOR promoting their point of view should not be a surprise. It should be expected.

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  1. Shirley says:

    One could also make the same statements about MoveOn, ACORN, most unions, or any organization with a particular cause.

    Having focus isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it lessens distractions and allows any organization to move forward towards their particular goals.