Finding Candidates For The 19th District

Posted: 06/26/2009 by that's Elbert in Delaware, GOP, government, Republican

After Thurman Adams passed away this week, his 19th district state senate seat was vacated requiring a special election to occur. In an email sent out tonight, Eric “Bodie” Bodenweiser notified potential supporters that he is being interviewed by GOP leadership as a potential candidate in that special election. Bodie is currently the honorary chaplain of SCCOR. He is one of what I’m sure is a group of people interested in running. That list of names isn’t published, but I would guess at least one person that might run for that seat. That person’s win would lead to another special election, and so the cycle goes.

No doubt there will be a Democrat on the ballot. I’m aware that there is a possible minor party candidate. This will all shake out soon enough, giving everyone an interesting summertime election.

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UPDATE: Someone left this comment over at

For Senator Adams and his families sake, can we please have this discussion after his funeral? Eric’s email has upset some on the eve of the good Senators burial.

Here is my reply:

I wrestled with this very issue after I had posted the information. It is no surprise that political organizations are already considering their options regarding the special election. At the same time, it almost seem disrespectful openly discussing these matters, to a degree like driving by a funeral procession instead of pulling off the road to show respect. If posting this information brought any sorrow to the family, please accept my apology.


Due to some misunderstandings I would like to amend this post. As I stated in the first paragraph, an email was sent out to potential Bodenweiser supporters asking for their help with his potential campaign. From the content of the email, I perceived that circulating this information via the blogs would be OK. As it has turned out sending out this information has become an offense to family and friends. It was not my intention to show any disrespect to Senator Adams by reporting this information.

On a day when his life is celebrated, he certainly should be honored in all that he has done to help Bridgeville and the state of Delaware. I am sure that every one of us has directly or indirectly been touched by the work of his hands in service to his community. His legacy will live on not only through his work in Dover but through his children and his children’s children.

This matter was a misunderstanding. There was absolutely no direct request by Mr. Bodenweiser or his supporters to post this information on any blog. To reiterate what I posted in the comments section, if posting this information brought any sorrow to the family or friends, please accept my apology.

  1. I think that was a classy update. I couldn’t have said it better. I think the information age has created a new normal when it comes to getting information out. It is tough walking the tight rope.