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Monday, June 22, 2009


Chris Shirey
Delaware Tea Party Coalition
State Coordinator
302 W 8th Street
Laurel, Delaware 19956

Delaware Joined by Florida in leading fight against Proposed Health Care Reform

Two States hold first round of rallies to battle government run healthcare.

Tea Party Groups from all over the country are gearing up to battle the proposed government takeover of our health care. Delaware and Florida will be leading the fight by holding rallies at their U.S. Representative and Senator’s local state offices on July 2nd to draw attention to the flawed health care reform legislation. This initial rally will be followed by a national day of health care rallies across the country on July 17th. On this day, there will be a Tea Party Rally at every U.S. Representative and Senator’s office across the country. The rallies are all scheduled to be held from noon-1:00 PM Eastern time on Friday, July 17.

The Tea Party Coalition is calling for actual health care reform that puts health care choices in the hands of the doctor and patient and for free market solutions that avoid the perils of socialized medicine. “This administration does not seem to care about actually solving problems. It seems to only be concerned with obtaining control. It is time for our leaders to start doing the work we elected them to do. It is time they design legislation that will help the people of this country instead of themselves.” said Chris Shirey, the State Coordinator of the Delaware Tea Party.

On July 2nd, the Delaware Tea Party calls on everyone to unite their voices to show disapproval of the proposed health care plan. We also ask you plan to spend one hour with the entire country on July 17th to demand health care reform that actually will provide a healthcare system that will work and will not bankrupt our country.

Now is the time to speak up. Please come add your voice to ours. Please find a July 2nd Tea Party near you and come express to your elected officials that you do not approve of the health care reform that is currently proposed.

The Delaware Tea Party locations are:

Georgetown: The Circle in Georgetown from noon until 2 PM.

Dover: the sidewalk in front of the Federal Building, 300 South New Street, from noon until 3 PM.

Two locations in Wilmington: The sidewalk between 201 and 301 North Walnut Street and the sidewalk in front of 1105 N. Market St., both are from noon until 3 PM.

More information may be found on our website: or by email at


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