Late To Say It – My Thoughts About The Salary Cut

Posted: 06/18/2009 by that's Elbert in Delaware, government, governor, Jack Markell, Politics

(I know I’m late posting something about this. This post is probably repeating what others have said. If nothing else, you get to know where my mind is on the reduction of state employees’ salaries.)

It is worthwhile running over some thoughts regarding the proposed 8% salary cut for state employees. I had said privately and some have said it publicly that the 8% cut figure tossed around would not be the figure used for a cut at the end when the budget is finalized. At the moment the figure that has been decided upon is a 2.5% cut. Well, I’ve already heard it. I’ve heard the statement the governor’s office and those in the legislature have hoped to here:

“Well, a 2.5% salary cut is better than a 8% salary cut.”

It’s not that the statement above isn’t true. It is that state employees and voters were possibly duped into thinking that the 8% salary cut was actually going to happen when anyone in Dover already knew that it would be significantly smaller. Yes, I am being cynical about the whole matter. They knew the response to any salary cut would be a loud outcry, whether it was 8%, 2.5%, or 1%. So if you say it’s going to be some drastic number (8%) and then lower it down to something smaller (2.5%), you get the sigh of relief and the acceptance of a 2.5% cut. It’s sly and crafty on their part, and it’s not too smart on the state employee’s part to give a sigh of relief.

Look, Mama Ruth pulled the same stunt with schools, stating they would receive a 8-10% cut in budgets for the new fiscal year, and when it all shook out the cut was much lower. Dang, it’s the same playbook! And those of you that voted for Markell in the primary and general elections thought you were getting something different. From my perspective, Delaware got the same thing.

You’ve seen the protests against the pay cut. You’ve seen the woman saying she wants her vote back. How many will remember this in 2012?

Yes, I am cynical. Yes, I am ticked off too.


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