Cleaning Up The Canton Inn

Posted: 06/17/2009 by that's Elbert in culture, laws, Seaford

Imagine my surprise at the news of the end of so-called “adult entertainment” establishment in Seaford. Last week WBOC reports:

According to the DOJ, to avoid being taken to court, the Canton Inn’s owner agreed to abate the nuisance voluntarily by ceasing all adult entertainment activity, making renovations to the building, and discontinuing advertising his business as a “gentlemen’s club.”  The establishment will now be promoted as a restaurant and bar, according to the DOJ.

The Delaware Family Policy Council sent out comments in an email this week, crediting a volunteer for getting involved:

Seaford’s Canton Inn closes its doors for good after a police investigation insisted upon by DFPC key volunteer Cheryl Precourt.  Wife, homeshooling Mom and grandmother, Cheryl Precourt of Dover, is passionate about protecting families and has become the expert on laws regulating S.O.B.s (sexually oriented business) in Delaware.  She attended Commission meetings with DFPC supporters behind her, and asked all the right questions.  She stayed the course and testified at all the committee hearings, actually informing legislators of the laws not being enforced.  Cheryl’s tenacious effort made a huge impact on this investigation which resulted in evidence of “lewd sexual conduct over a period of several years” therefore shutting down the Canton Inn.

The Department of Justice confirmed what most of us knew (from WBOC’s story):

[The Canton Inn] has been the site of prostitution and lewd sexual conduct over a period of several years.

I wanted to see the place go. The billboards on Route 13 were too suggestive for our area. The term “gentlemen’s club” was offensive to me because any “gentleman” would treat a lady a whole lot better than that.

Many Christians, including me, prayed that the place would shut down for years. Now our prayers ought to be directed toward the women that will not be working there. Can you imagine going from making hundreds of dollars a night to nothing but maybe a minimum wage (or slightly higher) job? Pray that their needs be met and help will come to keep them out of that line of work.

Hopefully businesses like this won’t appear in our area again.

Howard at Delmar Dustpan covers the news at this post.


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