Traffic Violations in Laurel

Posted: 06/16/2009 by that's Elbert in Laurel, Laurel Delaware, laws, police

I’ve been driving since 1984. During that time I should have had at least two traffic tickets, one at the hand of a Delaware State Police officer and another at the hand of an Ocean City Police officer. I was blessed that they both had mercy on me, and they didn’t issue a ticket.

My driving story took a turn for the worse since I moved to Laurel. Since living in Laurel for six years, I’ve been issued three traffic violations, and all those violations were at the hands of the Laurel Police Department.

One ticket I got just happened tonight, and it was for failing to use a turn signal. Yes, I got ticketed for failing to signal.

One of those tickets was for a seatbelt violation. I have always thought that the seatbelt law and it’s enforcement was one of the dumbest things we inflict upon drivers (post). After getting the ticket, I found that I hate it even more.

Living in Laurel, Delaware has turned me into a lawbreaker! C’mon, laugh with me!

I’ve read somewhere that people end up in automobile accidents within a few miles of home. Maybe the tickets were a reminder to play it safe everywhere but especially near home.

  1. How many cars did they send to take care of you, you violent criminal? The Laurel PD reminds me of middle school girls – I never see just one, it’s usually at least 3 cars anytime I see a traffic stop there. 😉

  2. There were two cars. They had both just left the Towne Package Store where they were getting a vehicle towed. I was coming down Delaware Ave and turned onto Front Street to get a look at the commotion. I didn’t signal when I turned. One pulled me over, and the other pulled in behind him. At least the second vehicle didn’t have lights on.

  3. They cause havoc in the Laurel Domino’s. One driver got a ticket for 4 MPH over and another got one for rolling stop sign.. and those are the ones that I know of.

    The Seaford PD leave us alone, but we respect them also. I was stopped and warned for going the wrong way on a one way street. Freakin’ N. Pine Extended. How was I to know in the dark, with one sign that a 50 yard section was one way?

  4. billsammons says:

    There goes your political career. You know your opponent is going to dig this up..