The Obligatory Post: Dr. Tiller’s Murder

Posted: 06/02/2009 by that's Elbert in abortion
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On Sunday May 31st while attending church Dr. George Tiller was murdered by Scott Roeder. As it has been disseminated, the major pro-life organizations has denounced this violent act against the doctor. Mr. Roeder may have held pro-life views, but it is more than obvious (except to this crazy bunch) this man went out of the pro-life camp when he took actions that took life. It is even more of a separation from the pro-life movement that the act of violence happened in a place of worship, a church.

Let me post Delaware Right To Life’s statement on the Tiller murder:

Delaware Right to Life works to bring about its desired ends through peaceful means and believe that violence should never be used as a solution to any problem. Just as we prayed for Mr. Tiller’s conversion before he died, we will continue to pray for Mr. Tiller’s family that they may find the peace of Christ in this difficult time.”

To repeat from the press release, let me say that I will pray for the peace of Jesus Christ to touch Dr. Tiller’s family during this difficult time. Join in and do the same.

To bring to the reader’s mind again, a recent Gallop poll revealed that more Americans are pro-life than pro-abortion. It would be safe to say that 99.99999% of those pro-life Americans would not support Mr. Roeder’s actions.


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