Rising Gas Prices Without The Outrage

Pulling into the Laurel Shore Stop last week, I grumbled that the gas prices were rising even higher ($2.359 a gallon). One of my teen-aged sons made an observation. It went something like this:

When gas was high last year all the blame was laid on Bush. Gas prices were low when Bush left office. Gas prices have been going up ever since Barack Obama got into office, yet no one puts any blame on Obama. Is this right or fair?


8 thoughts on “Rising Gas Prices Without The Outrage

  1. Prices are up only 30 cents/gallon. My interest will increase when prices go over $3. Until then there are still well below 30% of the high mark.

  2. My son was making the point that the so-called “mainstream media” would have placed gas prices and a Republican President on the front page at least a couple times a week. It’s worth noting that according to this Dept. of Energy website gas price averages have went up from $1.847/gallon on January 19th to $2.524/gallon on June 1st. That’s a 68 cent increase. If I did the math right, that’s a 27% increase. I really didn’t think it had gone up that much.

  3. DelLib did a post on this topic yesterday and my two cents (per gallon) is that this isn’t playing out like last year, as not all the same factors are in play. Don’t misunderstand me, though. Status quo of this fuel is not the answer, so “Drill, baby drill” is not a mantra I share. I do, however, see that as part of a hybrid (to steal a now-cliche term) solution. I would have no problem supporting increased domestic drilling, provided alternative sources are given equal, if not more, effort to be brought to market and given a real infrastructure to exist.

  4. I missed that article at DelLib because I have been avoiding their site (to a degree). There’s only so much mind-numb opinion and profanity that I can handle. I could have had a leg up on them had I posted this when I originally wrote it!

    Regardless, I support the idea of increased domestic drilling, particularly in Alaska. I have my reservations regarding alternative/hybrid energies, but most of that comes from our federal/state governments mandating them before they are even remotely possible as a functional and affordable solution. Most of those that push alternate fuel mandates don’t realize that some can’t run out and buy a “compliant” machine. Probably a balanced and reasonable approach would be best: “drill, baby drill” and let the hybrid development continue w/o government forcing dates of compliance or hampering it’s development.

  5. Yes, you’re right there too. Looks like from the data linked in comment #3 the 5/4/09 average was $2.045, 5/11 was $2.218, 5/18 was $2.281, 5/25 was $2.414, and 6/1 was $2.502. It would appear a series of spikes happened.

  6. You guys (Brian – #6 and E – #7) basically said what I did in my linked comment on DL!

    Anywho…ELBERT…where’s the cross-posting? Hmm???

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