On The Team

Posted: 05/19/2009 by that's Elbert in blogging, Delaware

E is now on the team at DelawarePolitics.net. Thanks to Dave Burris and the rest of the DP team!

Have no fear faithful readers, this blog is still open for business!

  1. ctheis says:

    Don’t describe any abortion procedures E and for God’s sake don’t mention that you are a conservative Christian, don’t you know we’re personally responsible for the downfall of the Republican party!!!!

  2. RSmitty says:

    No, I like Elbert. You took it down all by yourself, C. BWaaa-haa-haa-haa!!

    OK, seriously, I defend myself in these idelogical debates, typically with well thought-out and not reflexive responses (except when David A keeps pushing my button over and over and….). A lot of people don’t realize that I am a practicing and believing BAPTIST! Did I knock you on the floor? However, I also firmly believe that while we are to bring people to accept Jesus, it remains upon their own will to allow that acceptance. If we coerce in any manner whatsoever, we not only opened that person up to further sin, we sinned ourselves. I also simply do not believe government is a place for church, nor is church a place for government. Yes, it is reciprocal. THAT is a big reason why I see a social conservatism platform not having a roll in the party “constitution.” I have no problem if candidate-A has that as a belief, but I have a problem if the party expects me to personally adopt that to be a part of it. Another thing about social conservatism, if government were to enact even some of those policies, it would create a regulatory agency to govern the policy, and subsequently create yet another government expense. That slaps fiscal conservatism right across the face.

    • ctheis says:

      Wow, that’s alot to glean from a joke about E being on Dave’s blog. By the way, what does the baptist doctrine teach about writing a entire blog full of personal name calling and insults directed at every republican that showed up at the convention on Saturday. Your theology leaves alot to be desired. We’re talking about defending the right to believe what we believe not forcing it on someone else.

      • RSmitty says:

        Chris, Jud completely misrepresented me in that email. Please go read that post and you will realize that I am putting sunshine all over that coward’s (the writer of those comments) drivel with the intent to expose that author. Please also note my added response to Jud’s claims that it was me. There is a lot to be desired with what was presented to Jud and I think I detailed that quite well. Also note that there is a certain politician in this state, who thinks he has a right to office as opposed to the right to run for office, that I have no love loss for. I once supported him, but since have been burned to a crisp. I can’t say for certain, of course, he had anything to do with the version Jud received, but I have my concerns.

        Please, take the time to get the whole story. It’s good practice.

  3. RSmitty, we agree that salvation is a free will choice. You can’t make a person a Christian. I am sure we differ regarding Christianity’s influence in government today. That makes the discussions/debates all the more interesting! 🙂

  4. Sorry Chris, I missed the joke, and I love jokes like that!

    If anyone has been on this blog before or read the “about” page, then say they had no idea I was a Christian or a conservative, well…