Taxes Hurt Volunteerism

Posted: 05/18/2009 by that's Elbert in families, taxes

Frank Calio’s column in the latest Laurel Star (Thursday May 14, 2009) discusses his memories about baseball in Laurel. Columns like these are enjoyable because of the history and story wrapped into it. Calio ends his column lamenting the lack of volunteers at the Little League.

…I understand like many organizations volunteers for the consession stand and other duties are hard to find.

I just don’t understand this new generation. Their parents found time to work at church and fire hall dinners, join athletic booster clubs and volunteer at Little League games. Some did it all!

What’s going to happen with volunteerism with the next generation of parents?

Being a parent of four children I know that their varied involvements can stretch my time and their mother’s spare time thin. It is hard to volunteer for many things, and you must decide how much responsibility you can handle. It is true as well that work schedules can cut down time for volunteerism in a large way. Most families need to have both parents working to make ends meet.

Back in April this post covered Tax Freedom Day, which for Delaware residents was on April 11. It means that for the first 101 days of the year, our incomes in essence go to our various governing bodies in the form of taxes. Would it not benefit all citizens of Delaware to make those days fewer? Those fewer days might allow a mother the freedom to stay home and volunteer at the Little League and other volunteer-needy organizations. This would certainly help close the gap in our volunteer deficit.

The Tax Day Tea Parties support the idea of reducing wasteful spending and lowering the tax burden upon us all. Mr. Calio used his April 30th column to ridicule Tea Party attendees, saying they “don’t have a clue.” He writes:

I don’t understand where the anti-tax protesters think money for the roads they ride on, the bridges they cross, schools, federal and state parks, and other government aide we receive comes from.

Most of us have a clue and know that having no taxes is not possible. We will never have a Tax Freedom Day on January 1st. We know that there are things that require taxation. We have a clue when it comes to spending gobs of money in a so-called “stimulus” package that will not stimulate and we will never be able to repay. We have a clue so we protested. We look at the chunk of cash coming out of our weekly or bi-weekly paycheck and think of all the things we could responsibly do with it.

And just think, if more of that money stayed in our pockets, maybe that father wouldn’t have to work overtime, and that mother wouldn’t have to work at all. Maybe mom and dad would be volunteering at the Little League or at the Good Samaritan.

That’s what could happen with volunteerism for the next generation of parents.

  1. ctheis says:

    I usually stay away from such things but whenever the 5 letter work “Calio” is uttered I immediately loose all sense of decorum. Mr. Calio is the most partisan, mind-numbed, New York Times regurgitating individual, at least in the state of DE. I could get real personal here but the little guy on my shoulder is plucking my ear. I’ll just say that in Mr. Calio’s ideal world, government is responsible for everything so that the individual is responsible for nothing and he has lived that out as a great example. By the way, how did someone so partisan get to run the entire State of DE Dept. of Elections? Scary thought.