Bell To Bell Week Thoughts

Posted: 05/18/2009 by that's Elbert in Delaware, governor, Laurel, Laurel Delaware, schools

After simply publishing most of the press release from the Laurel Education Association, I had some time today to process the Bell to Bell protest. Here are some thoughts.

The DSEA could have had a more effective campaign by joining the various school district member organizations together in one statewide Bell to Bell. As it is, the member organizations are doing their own protests which would be much easier to ignore. I can’t remember from where my information came, but I was wrong, teachers across the state are protesting all at once.

The protests may well send the message intended, but teachers will end up paying in the short term. Most people know that a teacher’s work is never completed in the contract time. The work that needs to be done will still be there the next day, so their work just falls further behind.

Sad to say, but the gubernatorial candidate that the unions had supported is the very same one that wants to take 8% out of their salary. It hurts being stabbed in the back, and that’s what the then-candidate-now-governor has done. Hopefully they will remember this in four years when Governor Markell comes around wanting their vote again.

In my opinion there are other ways of fixing this shortfall. Cutting teachers and other state employee’s salaries isn’t a good plan.


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