A Slice of Peach Pie On Every Table

Posted: 05/15/2009 by that's Elbert in Delaware

According to Mike Matthews and the Delaware House GOP, the state house voted today to make the peach pie the official state dessert. What’s up with that? It should be something with apples, like apple cobbler. I’d even take a peach cobbler. No, wait, blueberry cobbler takes the cake, err, I mean tastes great!

Call your state senators and stop this dessert bill in it’s tracks. Some think it’s just peachy. I smell something burning in the kitchen.

This post is making me hungry.

  1. A friend of mine lives in PA, and she got a FedEx package with a shoo-fly pie a few days ago, from the State of Pennsylvania. With a proclamation from the governor.

    You hear that, guv? I want my pie if this thing passes. And I want it homemade.