Delaware HB 117 Changing School Elections

Posted: 05/05/2009 by that's Elbert in Delaware, election, schools

Mike Matthews gave a heads-up on a bill up for a vote in the Delaware House on Tuesday, 5/5. House Bill 117 (link) changes school board elections from the second Tuesday in May to our general election date in November. The move is promoted as another way to save the state money. It is also supposed to provide for more voter participation in their respective school boards. One really big problem with all this is the politicization of our school board elections. Currently those elections are non-partisan. That process can’t help but come to a screeching halt. Can you imagine trying to fit our voting machines to handle a non-partisan race next to nothing but partisan races?

One other thing that effects our district in Laurel is the makeup of our board. Currently we have 5 board members with 5 year terms. Each year one of the seats on the board expires requiring someone to file to fill the seat. This new system will toss our current setup into the trash.

My friend Brian Shields points out another issue on Mr. Matthews’ Facebook page. What about municipal elections? Will that be the next move taken?

I would even ask if this attempt to change school board elections is another step towards school consolidation, which is yet another bad idea.


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