New Technology For Earth Day 2009

Posted: 04/22/2009 by that's Elbert in Fun, holidays, Politics

Last year I shared the love, hugging our only tree on our small chunk of real estate. This year is a little different. It seems appropriate to highlight some of the latest “green” technology. As some are aware, in Laurel we have a liquor store with solar panels. I have been told this business has been running on solar power since moving into the new building. That’s right folks, no electric bills from Delmarva Power.

Many have been looking into other electric sources such as wind power. Your humble blogger has stumbled across a very new technology, one that could have tremendous potential for success. The source is simple brain power.

Brain Power

Setting up a simple capture device to a family member allows the untapped resource of power to be pulled into a cutting edge battery. Plugging the battery into a sophisticated distribution device attached to your home’s electric panel allows your home to take advantage of all the power one can muster from the gray matter between your ears.

During my test in our humble abode, we quickly discovered that merely one day of capturing my brain power allowed our home to fully function without the benefit of Delmarva Power for nearly seven days! This is some serious science folks!

This new technology is still in beta but the developers are hoping to roll the product out for general public use within the next two years.

  1. That give a whole new meaning to “I don’t have the energy tonight.”

  2. Shirley says:

    LOL, great picture, Elbert ! You made my morning.

    I can see you walking around saying, “Resistance is futile”.

    Hope all works out.

  3. Ha! This is funny. This was under your blogpost.

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  4. the conservative geek says:

    2 observations, The first is that I know this is a hoax because if YOU were really sticking it to Delmarva Power, you’d be smiling in your picture.
    The second is that you pointed out the use of untapped power in your gray matter, which explains seven days on one charge 🙂

  5. Yes, you’re right. I do look a little angry or sad.

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  7. Howard says:

    My wife says that if I could capture the amount of gas I generate we could free ourselves from Chesapeake Utilities for the next year, but brain power – no I am afraid that is sadly lacking in me

  8. swampcritter2 says:

    Does it work for Democrats too?

  9. swampcritter2, I was withholding this valuable information. According to the company’s studies, there was no clear demographic where this device had a wide difference of failure. Equal numbers of success and failure occurred across the various races, religions, and genders.

    What greatly surprised the company’s developers was the polar opposites in the Christian and political ideology. In both cases, those that declared themselves as “liberal” had a huge failure rate. Those that did succeed in the liberal category barely lit a nightlight bulb for more than an hour. Those that identified themselves as “conservative” or “libertarian” saw successful tests nearly 95% of the time.

    The developers swore to me on a stack of Bibles and a pinky swear that they did blind tests because of the desire for accuracy. It makes sense for them to know because it provides the means to improve the product. When I inquired further about the matter, one of the developers yelled “No soup for you!” He then pushed me out of the room and slammed the door.

    I really didn’t want to bring this data up because of the political and theological ideas reflected in this data, and Earth Day should not be a divisive issue. In reality, I guess it truly is divisive, so it didn’t matter.