My Eight O’Clock Coffee Mug

Posted: 04/22/2009 by that's Elbert in coffee, food
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I never showed off the coffee mug I got from Eight O’Clock Coffee a little while back.

Eight O'Clock Coffee Mug

They’ve got this rewards program where you get points for the bags of coffee you buy. Collect the points for various products. I got the mug with the rewards program

Occasionally I will drink the Colombian coffee if I need a kick. My friends tell me that I don’t pour my coffee, I tell it to pour itself. I didn’t think it was that strong. If I really need a kick, I just put a couple of beans between my cheek and gums (believe that one and I’ll tell you another).

I like those awards programs, like the Pepsi Points program that Pepsi ran last year. Five points earned a free MP3 from Amazon MP3. I got a bunch of music with that program. I’m doing the Coke Rewards thing too but it’s harder to get to something like music. Free Cokes can be gotten quickly.

Anyway, I liked the coffee mug and wanted to show it off. I’ll have to share a couple of the tech mugs I have another time.

  1. Very nice! I can never seem to get organized enough to actually redeem free points stuff, unless it’s a supermarket card I can just keep in my wallet.