Delaware’s Tax Day Tea Parties Reflections

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I will be posting some things about the Tax Day Tea Parties in here as I pull what I have together. Feel free to share your thoughts and impressions in the comments section below.


I ran into my friend Brian from The Mourning Constitution at the Laurel Party. He actually liveblogged the Georgetown Party and secured some photos too. He liveblogged the Laurel Party and got pictures too. He did pretty good clicking around on his phone. My hands were too cold and too wet to type anything.


Some of the text from Shaun Fink’s speech at the Laurel Party:

…our greatest strength as a nation has always been the product of our willingness to band together and face our enemy as one.  One nation, under God.

My friends, it is becoming quite clear that we are now living in one of those crucial moments in history. Only this time, our fight is not with an invading army. This time, our struggles are not against a visible foe. This time, our greatest challenge to freedom comes from the enemy within.

As a nation, we have begun down a course that will inexorably lead us back into the bonds of slavery. Only this time, our bondage will know no color; it will know no race nor gender nor culture. Our bondage will affect all alike, young and old, wealthy and poor, healthy and sick. Because, this time it is our own government that has fallen victim.

The heavy boot of Socialism has begun its march across the vast plains and wilderness of this great nation. Freedom is singing her swan song and a new age conformity is now taking the stage.

As a nation, we have agreed to exchange the gift of our liberty for the lie of a utopian society, all in the name of “fairness.” And, with history as our guide, we can only conclude that the result of such a bargain will be the loss of our freedom.

And some additional text:

…to those in Washington listening today, we speak loud and clear when we say “No more taxes, no more spending, no more wasting the hard earned money of the good men and women of this great nation.”

We also want them to know that we are sick and tired of their habitual reordering of the Constitution. This document is not living and breathing, rather it is tried and true. The Constitution has served, from the beginning, as the fundamental building block of the greatest nation history has ever known. To ignore its precepts now is to declare that this generation knows better than every generation that has preceded us. And judging by the quality of the character now presiding in the nation’s capital, I think we all know that isn’t true.


A contributer to this site, Michael at Monoblogue posted some pictures and comments from the Salisbury, MD Tea Party.


Some pictures from the Laurel Party:










A brief note from the Middletown Tea Party from Sandra Gell:

Comments pertinent to event:  Cold, Windy, pouring rain. We still had 173 people show up and hold up signs for two hours with an incredible response from passersby…

Bill Gell shared some pictures from an attender:






At the Laurel event Brian pointed out that State Senator Bob Venables’ sister was present. I never saw Biff Lee. The only elected official I saw was Terry Wright, Laurel Town Council President. She was surprised by the crowd, and seemed happy that the town approved the use of the park.

I think I saw Lynn Parks from the Laurel/Seaford Star there taking pictures from the street. We may be in the paper next week. One has to wonder what Frank Calio will write about this.

I thought the rain and wind would deter most. That didn’t seem to be the case. It appeared that most attendees wanted their voices heard by attendance and signage. There was little parking available when I pulled up around 4:30. Chris Shirey deserves thanks for making the Laurel event successful.


A report from the Wilmington party, via the Delaware Tea Party’s official site:

We had a HUGE turnout in Wilmington. Easily 750 (closer to 1000 I think) people attended the event. We were fortunate that the Pettinaro people found it in their hearts to open an abandoned section of the Riverfront shops for us to hold our rally indoors. We too had members of every party at our event.

The event was a huge success with 10 speakers including Mike Protack, Charlie Copeland, Tom Ross and Rick Jensen who was kind enough to stop by and fire up the crowd for us. We were also graced with a lovely Anthem singer, Alyssa who rocked the house and who was followed by the Drum and Fife Corps who expertly played Revolutionary favorites like Yankee Doodle Dandy. We had childrens activity including a toilet toss as well as face painting and a tea tag wall where people were able to sign their name to a tea tag and place it on a 3’x6′ oversized copy of our petition. We also had a DJ who was kind enough to play music for us and entertain the children and adults throughout the event. Finally, the evening culminated in the ceremonial tossing of the tea (burlap sacks with life vests for you environmentalists) into the Christina River.


Photographer Will Stotler has a photo album on Flickr with pictures from Dover’s Tax Day Tea Party. Here is one of the pictures from the event:

Delaware Tax Day Tea Party - Long View


Over at iReport, this story says that around 100 people attended the Dover Party. There are more pictures at this link as well.

This Flickr photo album features more Dover pictures. In the details of this picture it says around 150 people attended the party.


Ah, I found some video on YouTube. The Sussex Countian has Donna Gordon at the Georgetown party:

and I forgot that Chris Shirey had a YouTube page. There are several videos on there.

Rick Jenson from WDEL speaking at the Wilmington party:

  1. Tina Wesco says:

    (I copied this comment from

    I attended the Middletown Tea Party it was really cold and really wet. I also saw a young man speak to the crowd that was simply amazing.
    The Middletown event was really small, its a small town. In the town square we had about 300 people. The organizer asked this young man to speak, he was young maybe about 30 tops. There were no press, on cameras, or microphone. Without an umbrella this young man stood and first asked that everyone plege alligence to the flag in the midddle of the rain.
    He then spoke to the crowd in such a way that I have never seen. His address is something that I would imagine taking place in the early days of the revolution.
    It was beyond my words to describe he first stated in a very calm loud voice (there was no mircophone) that this financial crisis started with morgages on property and houses and that unless we pushed the federal government to act that it will end with morgages, except that they will be on our children.
    He talked about our us selling our debt to foriegn nations and that if we are not careful we would sell far more. You could see that he was outraged.
    In the middle of that speech he turned and pointed out that his children one day would turn to him ask him what has he brought about for them as a legacy. His voice actually waivered and said he would like to say to them that he helped give them a more free, more prosperous, America. He said then we would all have to do the same and hoped that we would be able to say the same or not meet our childrens eyes.
    He said that he did not have the answers but if we agitated enough and were loud enough that the bright and intelligent people that we have entrusted our government would have to listen or face us at the ballot box. He continued by saying that he was a republican but that this was not a republican or democratic issue. That he wanted the problem addressed and our concerns listened to. He then asked us to contact friend and family anyone who would listen and tell them about this.
    He then ended saying to any cynic that the American People could do this. He pointed out that the American People split the atom, placed men on the moon, and long ago looked to a their ruling empire that spanned continents with armies, navies, and the might of the world at its fingertips and said “we could do better.”

  2. Donna Gordon says:

    We had 267 sign our Petition of Grievance at Georgetown. Many people had already left so it looks like we had about 300 people there in the pouring rain. I can’t remember the last time I was that cold or wet 🙂

    Steve and I were very happy at the turnout. If it had been nice, I think we would have had about 500.

    This was the first. Our next will be an “Iced Tea Party”.

    We will not stop until Congress gets the message to spend our money responsibly!