Tax Freedom Day 2009 for Delaware

Posted: 04/14/2009 by that's Elbert in Delaware, Maryland, taxes
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Sunday was Easter, recognized for the day Jesus rose from the dead. It brought freedom from sin and new life to any who would embrace faith in him.

The day before Sunday, April 11, marked the first day of the year that Delaware residents began to work for themselves instead of working to turn their livelihood over to its various governing bodies. According to the Tax Foundation, Delaware residents work for 101 days out of the year before the burden of taxes has been lifted.

The Tax Freedom Day ranks Delaware at #20 on the list. That is much better than our neighbors Pennsylvania (#11), Maryland (#5), and New Jersey (#2). Connecticut tops their list at #1, having their residents suffer for 120 days before experiencing freedom. Alaska sits at the bottom of the list, suffering a smaller number of days, 82.

The Tax Foundation’s news release regarding Tax Freedom Day is here. A PDF of the list is here.

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