Food or Health Care or Taxes

Posted: 04/14/2009 by that's Elbert in food, health care, taxes

Here’s one for you. Suppose someone has a tax bill that needs to be paid on April 15th. If he pays the bill, he will have to either take it from his food budget or from money set aside for doctor’s visits, both of which he can’t do without. Oh yeah, the guy’s name is not Timothy Geithner, and he is not a Democrat. What should he do?

  1. Beth Donovan says:

    He should call the IRS – they have hardship programs. He should also visit his local Catholic Charities for food assistance and help in obtaining a better job. Catholic Charities helps people of all denominations and even atheists get back on their feet.
    They are supported by many people in their communities, Catholic and non-Catholic alike.
    They do not try to convert people they assist.

    There are other wonderful private organizations that do the same.

  2. File an extension.